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I've seen Eli grow so much in the last three months with Kindermusik! He loves any song he can bounce on my lap too and clap his hands. He's even started trying to "sing" when we listen to kids Cd's in the van. After leaving Kindermusik last Saturday, he hummed or "sang" for 10 minutes on the way home.

Being in Kindermusik for the last 2 years, Ella has a love for music. She loves to play Kindermusik at home. We have a bin full of instruments and her and Eli pull them out and play often. They also move along to the Kindermusik Cd's here at home. I'm so amazed that she can also identify the quarter notes and rests.

Mommy loves Kindermusik too because I get to see the smiles on their faces when in class or dancing to music. It's been great bonding time for us.

Scarlett Birdwell

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Kindermusik with my little one, Anna Claire. On the first day of class, Ms Karen told us to pay attention in the car or at home. If we listen, we will hear a Kindermusik song coming from our kids. Well, it happened yesterday. We were going to the grocery store and we had been listening to our Kindermusik cd. All of the sudden I heard a little voice singing, 'scarves away, scarves away'. I was so thrilled. She is remembering the songs and learning! I love watching her learn and Kindermusik is facillitating her imagination and growth. I just wanted to share our experience with you. Thanks for sharing Kindermusik with us!

Lauren Russell
Friday class at Gtown Pres

My daughter was 12 weeks (almost 3 months) when we started KinderMusik with Mrs. Annette. Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As a music-lover myself, I really thought that it would be just exposure to different kinds of music. It was so much more…it went beyond just music. I know without a doubt that she benefited socially and developmentally from the experience.

From the very first class, I noticed she was more alert, more curious. She was always looking and watching the other children. As the classes went on, she became even more social. Her face would light up and she would smile at the other children and moms. I credit the class with helping her motor skills. I still remember the first time she grabbed ahold of the egg shaker, the first time she shook the tambourine and patted the drum. These are things I never would have thought of as purchasing as toys for her, yet they are some of her favorites and we don’t leave home without a tambourine now. As a mom, I learned so much. Not only from Mrs. Annette about our brains and how much music really stimulates parts that otherwise would go untouched, but also about how the different musical rhythms and tones stimulate their little minds. I also learned a lot from the other moms. As a new mom, you have so many questions. After class we would have conversations that ranged from “When did Gracie first roll over?” to “How did you introduce avocado to Jon’s diet?” And tips on just about anything you can imagine.

The first “I’m sold” moment came when we were in the car late one afternoon. After picking her up from my mom’s she was very fussy and tired. I just hit “play” on the CD and we sang “Hello-Lah” and she quit crying. I thought it was a fluke at first, but it worked 3 other times that week. And now, it’s her personal lullaby. If she is fussy and won’t sleep or in the car having a bad day, I sing that song and she just calms right down. I know in her little head, she associates that song with the safe, caring, happy place of KinderMusik and hearing it somewhere else takes her back to that safe, caring, happy place and lets her know that everything is okay.

When I first told my grandmother about KinderMusik she said, “I’ve never heard of such a thing. That’s just crazy…a baby going to class.” I invited her to a class. Afterwards she said, “I have a confession to make. I was wrong. Did you see her? Did you see those other children? They really enjoy it! You can see on their faces how much fun they are having.”

I still believe the true benefits of exposing her to KinderMusik at such a young age have yet to be realized. It’s only with time we will see. But, I think she progressed more in 3 months with the help of KinderMusik than I could have ever done on my own. One bit of advice, something that I didn’t think about…it’s not just about music…it’s also about movement with your child…so get ready to DANCE A BABY DIDDY!

Tracy Settle
Cordova, TN

My daughter has been a student of Ms. Annette’s Kindermusik since she was 12 months old. We attended the Mommy and Me classes until she recently began the ABC & Me class. I can’t tell you the bonding and special moments those early classes offered us. And now, the ABC & Me provides her with the independence she needs and desires. She loves carrying her “big girl backpack” and attending class herself. I love watching the pride and confidence she takes in doing so. She loves to share what she has learned after each class on the car ride home.

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I also see the learning opportunities and benefits from this class. Not only has it fostered socialization skills, but pre-reading skills such as rhythm, fluency, recall and storytelling- all of which take place through a fun, musical setting. The little “homework” assignments, while they are small and take only minutes to complete, have offered special time for my little girl and her daddy to work together. My husband really enjoys this aspect. He is unable to attend her classes, but this at home opportunity allows him to feel as though he is a part of them.

ABC & Me also introduces different genres of music as well as music from other cultures. I truly appreciate this aspect of the program.

Ms. Annette herself is very warm, energetic and caring. She seems to genuinely love what she is doing and the kids benefit tremendously from it. I know that my own little girl adores her and the class. I happen to think that speaks volumes for both!

Barb Stowe
Bartlett, TN

Kindermusik with Ms. Annette is such an amazing program. We've been a part of it for 3 years, since my daughter was 3 months old. Ms. Annette has an incredible ability to connect with each child during class and make sure he/she is enjoying and learning through playing. As a mom, I am in awe of this skill as she does this while keeping the classes moving seamlessly from song to song with all of the instruments. Her classes have given my two children so much more than a love for music - skills like sharing, taking turns, and cleaning up - just to name just a few. Each week they can't wait until Kindermusik day so they can see Ms. Annette in class.

Anne Mautner - Mom to Caroline and Kent

Kindermusik is a wonderful program! Kindermusik with Ms. Annette or one of her friends is a FANTASTIC experience! These teachers bring the best of a wonderful concept to the children. Learning couldn't be more fun! And, the classes emphasize strengthening the bond between parent and child. By sharing a few moments together in play and song, a parent/care giver and child share a wonderfully fun experience together - singing and playing TOGETHER! Thank you, Kindermusik with Ms. Annette and Friends for helping parents take the time to sing and play with their children!

Beverly Molloy, Mom to Zoe

The songs we sing in Kindermusik have proven useful at home on an everyday basis during times such as cleaning up, practicing polite manners, and developing observation skills. A notable change in my child since beginning Kindermusik is his heightened awareness of instruments and rhythm. When listening to our Kindermusik CDs in the car, my child finds the beat by patting his knees, clapping his hands, or by using the movements he learned in class. I'm even more pleased with how he tries to identify the instruments by saying he hears a guitar, piano, or banjo.

It is clear that his teacher, Ms. Karen, is a natural at leading young children. She knows exactly how to intrigue the children and creates the perfect balance between high energy and low-key exercises. I am pleased with all aspects of the Kindermusik experience, even down to the location and class size. Kindermusik is without a doubt a worthwhile experience for my child.

Peggy Williams, Mom to Luke (2 years old)

My son, Alex, has been coming to Kindermusik with Ms. Tracy since he was 6 months old. Not only does he love the music and interaction with children his own age, but he adores Ms. Tracy. She sees him every week and notices the milestones he and the other children accomplish along the way. She is so good with the children and genuine in her praise. Ms. Tracy is an asset to the Kindermusik program.

Kristy Burkett, Mother of Alex

We first enrolled our daughter (then age 2) in Ms. Terri's Kindermusik class 2 years ago. It started out as something for her to do do with her Grandma while I stayed home with our newborn. It brightened my day when she would come home from class each week and show me what she had learned. I was thrilled when I was finally back on my feet and I could take her to class myself. It was a special time for us to share together and having Ms. Terri as our teacher made it that much more special. She has such a sweet spirit and works so well with the kids. My daughter was shy at first, but Ms. Terri helped draw her out of that so she could enjoy participating in class. We loved being in Ms. Terri's class so much that we continued to enroll in her class for the next three semesters. We would have enrolled again, but God worked it out where Ms. Terri would be teaching Kindermusik at my daughter's preschool this year! My daughter still looks forward to going to "music class" with Ms. Terri every week. We have now enrolled our son in a Kindermusik class and both kids enjoy singing and dancing together with the CDs at home. Ms. Terri will always have a special place in our hearts.

Sabrina Rushton - Mother of Brianna (age 4) and Cade (age 2)

I enrolled my son in Kindermusik classes with Ms. Karen during the Fall Semester of 2006 without really knowing what to expect. Timothy (3 years old) lit up with delight as Ms. Karen welcomed him in with her bubbly personality. Instantly he was trying to sing along with her even though he didn't know any of the words at the time. It was such a pleasure to listen to him talk about music class and about how much fun he had. In fact, he was so eager to continue Kindermusik with Ms. Karen I just had to enroll him for Spring semester even though we would only be able to attend a few classes with her (we are moving out of state). Even so, I hope to continue my son's excitement and love for music that Ms. Karen helped to foster.

Alesia, Mother of Timothy

Mrs. Rachel has a wonderful heart for children. She treats each child as a unique individual and encourages their creativity and imagination. We have rearranged our schedule to be sure that we are in Mrs. Rachel's class as my daughter has a wonderful time in her class.
Juloy Raymer

My daughter Addison was born at 25 weeks weighing 1lb and 11oz, she now 16 months old and is a little behind her peers as far as her speech. I was a little skeptical about how quickly Addison would catch on with the sign language but after just 3 classes of Sign & Sing, Addison was signing to her daddy and me!! Addison has enjoyed every second of our Sign & Sing class. Ms Annette keeps everything flowing so well, and the way that she makes sure to include each and every child is absolutely wonderful. Kindermusik will definitely be a part of our family for years and years to come!!

Stephanie Banks, Mother of Addison

Kindermusik has been such a good experience for our daughter both socially and intellectually. We began classes when McKenna was about seven months old. We wondered how much she could actually learn so early on. She began responding immediately to the music and we noticed positive changes in her behavior when she was around other children. She would get excited just when we would tell her we were about to go to Kindermusik to see Ms. Annette. The class keeps the children moving and learning. Ms. Annette is totally focused on the children and teaches the parents how to work with them. I am so impressed that she can keep her focus when there are so many little ones to teach. Kindermusik is a wonderful, structured time in McKenna's little life that she looks forward to and we, as parents, walk away from each class knowing we are involved in something healthy and educational that will help our daughter grow!

Lesley Gilmer, Mother of McKenna

You are such an inspirational influence in that class – it is easy to get excited about music and movement with you as our teacher. Thank you so much for your kindness and patience. I have learned a great deal about how to interact with my son musically/rhythmically through Kindermusik, and I feel that I have gained valuable tools that will help me work with Jonathan to overcome his auditory sensitivities.

Sara May, Mother of Jonathan

My daughter is Grace is 16 months old and we've been going to Ms. Annette for the past 10 months. Grace starts squealing with excitement when we pull into the parking lot! She absolutely loves the class. Ms. Annette has a genuine gift with children of all ages. She keep the class fast-paced, fun, and makes it personal for each child. It's something Grace and I both look forward to each week.
Sarah Sullivan, Mother of Grace, age 16 months

It sounds corny, but Kindermusik is therapy for my soul and my daughter, Arianna, has simply blossomed there. Seeing so many happy children doing things in concert with wonderful, fun music, lots of smiling, and seeing them grow and learn. My daughter has learned so much physically and socially, too, by watching the other children. We live Kindermusik outside of class by playing the CDs in the car, dancing to the music in the house, and reading the Kindermusik books. But, going to Kindermusik class is a real treat -- an oasis in the week! Ms. Annette has a fabulous sense of timing and keeps the class lively and fun. And, it's great to meet a diverse group of parents (and grandparents!) who care so deeply about their children. This and more is what keeps us coming back.

Margaret Dischler, Mother of Arianna

What keeps us coming back? It has to be her enthusiasm. Ms. Annette saturates the children with her enthusiasm for music and learning. They cannot help but thrive under her guidance!

Beverly Molloy, Mother of Joshua

Ms. Annette is simply amazing with children! She has a warm and vibrant personality and she ignites the children's enthusiasm for learning about music. My daughter can't get enough of Ms. Annette's classes!

Jane Alexander, Mother of Maggie

My 9 month old son is my 3rd child to be in Kindermusik. There are several options out there if you want to enroll your child in something, but Kindermusik is the ONE thing that ALL of my children have truly enjoyed. This is an exciting program with outstanding and enthusiastic teachers who make Kindermusik a positive and fun learning experience!

Kristi Burke, Mother of Bradley, age 9 months

Ms. Annette has such an amazing talent when it comes to music and children! My daughter Riley absolutely adores her and lights up when she realizes it's time to go to Kindermusik class. And I enjoy how the classes are both fun and educational.

Corrie McGaughey, Mother of Riley Paige, age 3 years

I started my first child with Ms. Annette nearly 5 years ago. Lily enjoyed every minute of Kindermusik! Now, five years later we are back with our second daughter Caroline. I actually tried another Kindermusik Program that was closer to my home and only stayed in that program two weeks. I felt the the class lacked the fun, joyful time that Kindermusik should be. Again, I contacted Annette and she was more than happy to open a space for my child. Annette's energy, love for children and her passion to share her great music knowledge cannot be beat. Her ability to get to know every child and their interests is amazing. The fact that she can maintain a class of ten 1 year olds and keep them laughing, smiling and participating for 45 minutes is an admirable trait. She truly focuses on each child's likes and makes learning fun. She has also taught my family how to incorporate music in our home and we will remain a part of her program until my child has graduated from the class.

Tonya Paul, Mother of Lily and Caroline